5 Best Restaurants in Agoura Hills

The Arledge Group March 1, 2024

Agoura Hills, CA, is located on the east end of Conejo Valley's rolling hills and lush landscapes. Being only 15 minutes from Malibu, this warm and welcoming area has long been celebrated for its strong sense of community and unique lifestyle. Agoura Hills is a paradise for those who cherish the outdoors and enjoy equestrian life. The town provides ample opportunities to engage in horseback riding, whether as a hobby or a passion.

The combination of natural beauty, a tight-knit community, and a lifestyle that promotes outdoor activities makes Agoura Hills an exceptional place to call home. Moreover, its culinary scene boasts several outstanding restaurants that cater to diverse palates and preferences. Here are some of the best dining establishments in Agoura Hills.

Basta Restaurant

28863 Agoura Rd, Agoura Hills

Basta Restaurant serves authentic Italian cuisine with a modern twist. This charming establishment prides itself on its commitment to freshness and quality, ensuring that every dish is made from scratch and in-house. Whether one has a penchant for perfectly al dente pasta, crispy, flavorful pizza, or succulent seafood, Basta Restaurant's menu caters to a wide array of tastes. The restaurant accommodates dietary preferences, offering vegetarian options and a gluten-free crust for all pizza selections, ensuring everyone at the table can enjoy a delicious meal tailored to their needs. The warm, inviting atmosphere combined with the care put into each dish makes Basta Restaurant a favorite for anyone looking to experience the joy of Italian dining.

Café Bizou

30315 Canwood St., Agoura Hills

Café Bizou offers a distinct dining experience characterized by its elegant approach to fine dining within a setting that radiates romantic vibes. The restaurant is particularly noted for its large patio area, providing diners with an al fresco dining option that enhances the overall ambiance of their meal. This outdoor space is beautifully arranged to offer comfort and intimacy, making it an ideal choice for quiet dinners and special occasions.

Café Bizou's has a prix fixe menu, which allows guests to enjoy a curated selection of dishes. This approach simplifies the dining experience and showcases the chef's expertise and creativity. The menu is comprehensive, featuring an array of options that include premium steak cuts, tender lamb, and fresh seafood, all prepared with a commitment to quality and flavor.

The ambiance of Café Bizou is romantic and cozy. From the soft lighting to the thoughtfully arranged seating, every detail contributes to a dining environment that encourages guests to relax and savor their time at the restaurant. This combination of a charming setting, a well-conceived menu, and attentive service positions Café Bizou as a premier destination for those seeking an exceptional dining experience.

Wood Ranch

Whizin Market Square, 5050 Cornell Rd, Agoura Hills

Wood Ranch is a premier destination for wood-fired barbecue and oak-grilled steaks in Agoura Hills. This establishment is celebrated for mastering the art of barbecue, where every dish is infused with the rich, smoky flavors only genuine wood firing can provide. The menu boasts an impressive selection of oak-grilled steaks, each cut cooked over an open flame, capturing the essence of traditional American barbecue. The restaurant's family-friendly atmosphere makes it an ideal spot for gatherings of all sizes.

Wood Ranch had a lively ambiance, offering a dynamic dining environment that complements the savory richness of its meals. This vibrancy, combined with the quality of food and service, has made Wood Ranch a beloved spot among locals.

Latigo Kid Mexican Restaurant

5617 Kanan Rd, Agoura Hills

Latigo Kid Mexican Restaurant is a family-owned establishment serving classic Tex-Mex dishes with a warm, convivial spirit. This mom-and-pop restaurant has become a beloved neighborhood spot where guests can enjoy authentic Tex-Mex cuisine in a friendly and welcoming atmosphere. The longevity of the Latigo Kid is partly due to its consistency in quality and flavor, maintained by the same chef for over 30 years. This dedication to culinary excellence is evident in every dish from the kitchen, from sizzling fajitas to hearty burritos.

The Latigo Kid Mexican Restaurant's commitment to creating a convivial dining experience extends beyond its menu. The restaurant's ambiance reflects Mexican culture's vibrant and colorful spirit, making it an inviting space for family dinners, casual meetups, and celebrations. Regular patrons have come to know and appreciate the familiar flavors and dishes that have become hallmarks of the Latigo Kid.

Adobe Cantina

29100 Agoura Rd, Agoura Hills

Adobe Cantina is a distinguished Mexican restaurant offering guests an upscale dining experience within Agoura Hills. This establishment is renowned for its beautifully landscaped and heated patio, providing a serene outdoor dining atmosphere that invites guests to relax and enjoy their meal amidst the natural beauty of its surroundings. The interior of Adobe Cantina complements this outdoor charm with a rustic aesthetic, featuring traditional Mexican décor and a warm, inviting ambiance that captures the essence of a refined hacienda.

The menu at Adobe Cantina elevates the traditional Mexican dining experience with sophisticated dishes that include succulent ribs, the complex flavors of chicken mole, and premium steak options. Each dish features authentic Mexican flavors that cater to the tastes of those seeking a gourmet experience. It's a perfect spot for those looking to enjoy a high-quality Mexican meal in a setting that reflects the beauty and hospitality of the region.

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